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"Plush Dot" Baby Lovie


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Plush Dot Baby Lovie

By: Swaddle Designs

SKU: SD-010

Baby Lovie is a small security blankie. Hand-crafted using soft, premium fabrics. Made with love for the little one you love. Baby will love touching the silky softness. Pediatricians and child development experts recommend a child 6 months and older be given a security object. Security objects bring comfort and help children self soothe. When parents keep Baby Lovie close to their skin for several hours, it will absorb parent's scent which will help baby bond with this sweet security blankie.

14 x 14 inches (36 x 36 cm)
Satin frame and back
100% cotton flannel with satin polyester trim
Consider purchasing two or more - one for the wash and one for baby to snuggle
Made in USA with Imported Satin Trim

**Ready to ship in 2-3 business days** 

SwaddleDesigns is Eco-Friendly

In addition to manufacturing locally and offering a certified organic collection, SwaddleDesigns uses many domestic fabrics, sustainable fibers, recycled fibers, and recyclable packaging.

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